Introduction to Deepening Democracy

The Gender & Inclusivity Program within CMD-Kenya seeks to curve and secure safe spaces for the engagement of categories of the citizenry that typically do not participate in national political discourse.  At CMD-Kenya, these groups comprise of women, youth, persons with disabilities and super-minority communities.  By addressing the multiplicity of factors that militate against the participation of these categories of persons in national leadership in general and in political party leadership in particular, the program hopes to create a more inclusive, tolerant and therefore democratic society in which all persons contribute and participate freely and equitably in decision making processes for the greater good of society.
At the beginning of 2012, CMD-Kenya made a strategic decision to wean out the Youth category from the Gender and Inclusivity Program in order to give the youth greater attention and fast tract their participation in political leadership.   Thus, with the support of the Danish a new Youth and Communications Unit was born leaving three key categories to the Gender & Inclusivity Program.  The primary focus of this web page is the participation of women in leadership particularly as the country approaches the first General elect ion under a new constitutional dispensation.  The page will, among other things, seek to bring to the fore, on time information on the gender dimensions of the implementation of the Constitution.  Further, it will contain real life stories from women aspirants, their struggles, challenges and fears as they seek elective and affirmative action positions as provided for in the Constitution of Kenya 2010.  Additionally, the page will contain specific bio-data of women aspirants in order to provide women seeking leadership positions with an opportunity to market themselves to the more than fifty registered political parties.    The Gender project is funded by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), UNWomen and the Heinrich Boell Foundation ( HBF) with the NIMD providing organizational support to CMD-Kenya and is headed by Mrs Sarah Muhoya.