Mau Mau Thanks giving

Mau Mau thanks-giving ceremony,21ST Aug 2011 at the Uhuru Gardens

The Forgotten S-Heroes

The Forgotten, Labour of Memory and the Search for National Unity through the Instrumentalization of History: CMD-Kenya’s S/Heroes project

 Despite 49 years of independence and a successful actor transition from President Arap Moi to President Kibaki, a wide range of polarities continue to inform Kenya’s development as a nation state. Indeed, the state seems to be equipped by a specter of identity crisis. Instead of individuals identifying themselves as Kenyan’s they continue to prefer identifying themselves more as members of various communities. These polarities can be traced to the process and consequences of state formation at one level, and logic of elite management of the state at another.

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Meru S-Heroes

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Photos of Murang'a massacre sites

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Nyeri S-Heroes

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