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Donor Partners

  • NIMD - Has been working with CMD-Kenya since our inception in 2004 on the strengthening of multiparty democracy through the institutionalization and capacity building of political parties and other organizations. readmore
  • HBF – Has been working with the German political foundation since 2006 to promote the participation of women in leadership. readmore
  • UN-Women – Since 2007 CMD-Kenya has partnered with UN-Women to address legislative, structural, and institutional gender imbalances and to create a conducive environment for the participation in national leadership. readmore
  • CAPF - Coalition for Accountable Political Financing – In 2004 CMD-Kenya, Centre for Governance and Development (CGD), Institute for Education in Democracy (IED), Transparency International- Kenya (TI-Kenya), and others founded CAPF to address issues about the regulation and public financing of political parties. These efforts contributed to the birth of the Political Parties Act 2007 (since revised as the Political Parties Act 2011). CAPF monitored campaign financing and expenditure during the 2007 General Election. readmore
  • CIDA - Since 2011 CMD-Kenya has been working with the Canadian Agency in deepening democracy, especially, strengthening the participation of Kenyan women in elective and appointive positions under the new constitutional dispensation. readmore
  • DPLD/DIPD - In 2011 CMD-Kenya partnered with the Danes to enhance the institutional capacity of political parties in Kenya through an increased participation of the youth below 35 years of age and the development of innovative communication strategies. readmore
  • Ford Foundation - From 2010 the Foundation has supported CMD-Kenya to address pertinent national issues, leadership, governance and management of public affairs, constitutionalism, and elections through a series of public forums featuring renowned national and international personalities. readmore

Collaborating Partners

  • Kenya Human Rights Commission
  • International Commission of Jurists (ICJ)
  • Social Economic Reform Forum (SRF)
  • International Centre for Policy and Conflict (ICPC)


  • Burundi
  • Mali
  • Malawi
  • Ghana
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  • Zambia
  • Tanzania
  • South Africa
  • Mozambique
  • WARP
  • ARP

South America

  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Suriname
  • Media & Politics
  • LARP


  • NIMD
  • Netherlands
  • Georgia


  • Afghanistan
  • Indonesia


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